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31 Oct

What Is Holding You Back?

What Is Holding You Back

It is all the myth’s about online marketing!

  • You don’t need a web site or blog to make money with this.
  • If you can copy and paste, you can earn truck loads of money with this.
  • My 80 year old grandma earn money with this, you can too.
  • It’s so easy, even monkeys can do this.
  • Just push a button to release an avalanche of free web traffic.

Have you seen statements like the ones above before? Yes me too, and they will continue to be used in the marking of so called loopholes you can take advantage of, in order to earn money over night, without any prerequisites, knowledge or prior experience at all.

Every day lots of smart systems, blueprints or strategies about earning vast amounts of money, are launched using the above statements, to sell to newbie online marketers or those who have tried every thing and failed.

Most of those products are flat out scam, and have no value what so ever, but there are also among them some great products that really work, which are also completely worthless for the buyers, who have been charmed by the bold statements and purchased them for no use.

The great products I mentioned above, work well for an experienced marketer with a well functioning marketing platform in place. Knowledge is needed, but that make the target market for the product too small. They need to reach out to more people. So in order to broaden the market they put together some templates or example campaigns, the buyer can use to get started. And then they sell it to beginners with the arguments mentioned above.

You buy the product, use the templates or ready made campaigns, get something going. You may even earn a little money and get very exited. After a while you are stuck. You were not the only one who bought the product and got started with starter kit, so now is the effect of those templates and campaigns worn out, and it doesn’t work any longer. Now you need the knowledge, prerequisites and experience you don’t have to be able to continue. So what do you do? You put the product in the old book shell you have in your garage and start looking for the next miracle product.

Brand yourself and build a strong network using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Start a blog and get your word out. Creating a strong business platform that way, does not seem attractive to most of the new marketers out there. Although it’s much easier than chasing the miracle, push one button, strategy which doesn’t exist.

The few, who realize the advantage of really start from the beginning and build the required business platform, are really fortunate:

  1. It has never before been so easy to do it, Internet with so man possibilities.
  2. It has never before been cheaper to do it. Can be done on a micro budget. Social media are free.
  3. It has never before been possible to do it so fast. With the help of social media and lots of free tools.

The best advice is, stay away from all dreams of making money over night with a minimum of efforts and without knowledge and experience. Realize that you must start from the beginning, learn a new profession. It isn’t rocket science, but it is more to it than copy and paste.


05 Aug

Do You Want to Earn Money Online?

Earn money

In this series of blog posts we are covering just that. We have earlier talked about how important it is to brand your name and yourself using social media. And when doing that, you need to master Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or what ever social sites you are using. To really be successful on these sites you must be aware of the special behavior that makes you successful there. Yes, there is a special code or etiquette used among the guru users there.

Why do we use those social web sites? To build a substantial networks as a base for our business. Networks have always been important in business as we have mentioned before. The good news is that it is easier than ever to build them with the help of free access to social media on Internet. It isn’t though, just to sign up with Twitter, Facebook and the other social sites and you will automatically get a lot of followers and friends. You must be aware of the rules. The easiest trick is to attract people, I mean you earn your followers or friends. We at Forsgrens decided to learn that and we have had a tremendous success.

To describe the social media code in detail, would make this blog post as long as an entire e-book on the subject so we will just cover the big picture here an then cover examples of good and bad social behavior in coming posts.

First we will list some good advice about things to do:

  • Be open, give away a lot of information about your self. Your background, profession, interests and similar information. In Facebook and LinkedIn you can give away a lot of information in your bio or profile. Do that! In Twitter you have 260 characters to present your bio. You can let your Twitter bio contain a link to your splash page.
  • Your first contact with your new follower or friend is very important. Just be positive and friendly. Tell them how great it is to get to know them. That’s all!
  • Always respond to your followers and friends when you see them around. Especially if they respond to your activities. Retweet, like, comment and share what they do if you think it is good. This is good social behavior and you do it to earn their friendship It always pays back.
  • Always when you interact with your followers and friends, make sure you deliver value. Your tweets and posts must contain valuable content. A great tip, some news, a joke or some other funny stuff. The valuable content can be a text, an audio or a video. The best content is something that solve a common problem or is helpful in some other way.
  • Always help your friends first before you ask for a favor from them.

Then we will list some good advice about things not to do:

  • Never ask for a favor or offer a business opportunity in your first contact with a new friend. Even offering a freebie can be seen as a business proposal and shouldn’t be brought up in your first contact. People who seriously build a new friendship don’t do that.
  • The best way to ruin a friendship is to comment your friends post and include a business proposal, an offer or a link to yourself. If a link is included it has to be relevant to the post and add value and not promoting you.
  • Never share other peoples content without telling about the source. Your source is the one who posted it when you noticed it. If you share a post write a little text in which you tag the one who posted it. The tag is a link back to that person.
  • If you are building a business network, never post about politics, religion and sex. You can post jokes about politics, religion and sex, if they are not rude and fairly clean.
  • Stay away from negative posts.

I now have a feeling that you think, all this is obvious and basic rules, everyone is aware of this. Why even bring it up? I wish you where right feeling that. The reality is far from that perfect. Some time ago I checked out 1,000 direct messages I received on Twitter as response to following them. Their very first contact with me. Just over 70% was about a favor. Like my fan page, check out my web site/blog or sign up to this awesome opportunity or validate your Twitter account here. Less then 20% says a nice Thank you for following if you are on Facebook or LinkedIn, I would like us to be friends there as well. This latest response suggest something of mutual interest and reflects good social media etiquette.

Successful use of social media networks for business is called social media marketing. If you do everything right, according to what I describe here, people will find you interesting and are attracted to you. It is called attraction marketing too. They want to follow you or be your friend, so they check you out. They look at your profile, where you have links to your web sites. Since they want to know more about you, they follow these links. This create web traffic to your web sites. Many Twitter followers retweet your stuff if they like it and even more people get interested in your profile, and follow your links to your websites. Most of the traffic to Forsgrens websites is generated by social activities. We have thousands of unique visitors to our websites a day. Then keep in mind that if you do it wrong in your first contact with a new friend, there will be no traffic at all.


04 Jun

Branding your name is easy

Branding your name

Yes, branding your name all over the world has never been so easy as it is now and you can do it free if you want. Why should I brand my name you may ask… There can be many reasons for that. You have something you think is very important to share and you want your words about it spread around the world, is a good reason. If you just lost your job due to the present economic turmoil and want to try Internet Marketing, is another good reason. In those and many other situations, a huge network of people around you, is what you need.

If you read our last blog post before this one, You know why a huge network is, and always has been, necessary in business. Before Internet, a huge investment was needed to get you a network of some size, which reduced the possibilities for everyone get themselves a sizable network. You needed to advertise or buy huge mailing lists and then send out huge mailings in order to reach prospective customers. All this at a substantial cost. Successful business is not possible without an enough quantity of prospective customers.

What is a prospective customer? It is someone who has seen you or your company around for a while, know that you are a decent person or company and trust you. Prospective customers and customers are the network around you that make business possible.

Earlier you had to raise all the money to cover the cost for building your business network before you started, which was a big risk to take. Today you can, with the help of social media, start building a huge network, without spending any extra money. The social media I am talking about here, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest, are all free to use. You can start building when ever you want without risking any money, you just need your computer and an Internet access.

There is only one little catch, and it is here the majority of new marketers go wrong. The process of building your network must be separated from marketing and selling. If you go wrong here you will never succeed and all your efforts are in vain. We will dig deeper into this in the next post.

Building a network is all about attracting other peoples attention, and make them interested in what you are doing. If they like what you are doing they may even like you. When they like you, they are your friend. After being your friend for a while, they trust you. This is what happens to those who are successful on Twitter, Facebook, LikedIn and Google+, just to mention a few. By doing this right you can be known, liked and trusted by thousands of people all around the world. You have a huge network right?

There are many other advantages with your social network than just being known, liked and trusted. When your friends are interacting with you and you with them, their friends can see that and may be interested in what you are up to. We say that social networks are viral. If you post something that is popular it is spread like a virus over the network. Thousands of people notice your post, get interested in what you are doing, check out your profile, where you have links to your sites and blogs. Free, targeted web traffic is generated.

Another important advantage is the links back to your profile. All posts, comments or shares, you make in a social network contains a link back to your profile. Google notices that and considers your profile more relevant than others for the key word wich can be your name. If you google olov forsgren in Sweden, there are 62,000 hits. Of the ten first hits, seven, #1 – #4 and #8 – #10 are social network profiles for Olov Forsgren. We have googled in US, GB, Australia, India and China, via proxy servers, and all over there are great results.

You can, with the help of social media build a substantial network as a strong base for your business in tree to six month with out any investment other than the time you maybe spend there anyway. The network will be an important part of your business infrastructure which is a valuable asset in your business.


27 May

Why do so many try network marketing without a strong network?


Most of the network marketing experts I know about, claim that of all newbies that decide to try network marketing of any kind, just a few percent are successful and can eventually make a living out of it. The exact figure varies from expert to expert but they are all below 5% and most of them closer to the 1%.

The reason for this is that when people start as network marketers, they listen to other marketers, who are not there to help them but rather to earn money on their ignorance. If you listen to these so called gurus, you will hear that network marketing is so easy, that anyone can do it. Many claim that their children and old grandmother earn six figure incomes by doing it. There is no web site or blog needed, not even skills are needed. If you can read your emails, you can do it.

If you look upon how business has been done for thousands of years and still is, you will understand that saying this is easy, is a big lye. Thousands of years ago people had to meet in order to do business. Through these meetings they developed relations and got to know each other. Wen you develop a good relation you are also creating friendship, liking and trust. Now you do not have to travel and visit people to develop these relations. You do it through social media. I am now talking about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. There are many other really good ones but those mentioned here are the most common ones and they are free to use.

Research done in this field show that most people want to feel safe when doing business. Thats the reason it took some time to convince people to buy their stuff on the net. They want to buy from someone, person or company, they know, like and trust. Knowing that you can clearly see that good relationships still are needed for doing business. Building your network for doing business, is nowadays as important as it was a couple of thousands years ago. That will never change. We will always be concerned about who we give our money to.

We at Forsgrens have mainly used Twitter and Facebook to build our network. On Twitter we have more than 60,000 followers today and in Facebook we have more than 1,000 friends. When googling the name Olov Forsgren on, which the search engine we reach here from Sweden, seven of the ten first results are about Olov Forsgren at When branding a name like that, with very simple means, using Twitter, Facebook, a few web sites and a few blogs, make the name well known in many places on the net.

Your network does not have to be very big, but there is a critical mass of people with a good relation to you, you will need around you in order to feed your business. I think that the calculation varies from business to business. If you consider that at every offer you make, less than 10%, in most cases probably only a few percent of the prospective customers are ready to buy your offer. From that you get an idea of the numbers we are talking about here. And remember, do not try to do any network marketing until you have your network properly in place.

If you find this interesting please retweet, like or even better, make a comment below here. You can also sign up for our newsletter on our main web site. We also welcome you as a Twitter follower or Facebook friend if we are not already connected.


17 Mar

Do you have full control?

Brain Evolution

It is not what happens to you, that determines your future. It is how you handle what happens. This truth is reviled by Jim Rohn in a youtube video he released a couple of years ago. This means that when something happens to you, you must be prepared to deal with it right away, which in turn means that you do not have all the time in the world to figure out what to do. You need to figure it out before it is too late to act.

When I started my career, this was a little problem. Sometimes I could not figure out how to handle what happened to me before the next thing happened and so on. I eventually realized that I had to take control over my brain.

This was back in the 1960’th and at that time Transcendental Meditation was very popular among those who wanted to improve themselves. To be really honest I thought it could be another hoax, but I decided to try it and got a qualified teacher who gave me a mantra, I learned it and have practiced it ever since. It was not cheap to learn TM back then, but when I now look back, I have to admit that this was one of the best investments I made for my well being and my career.

In TM it takes a lot of practice and learning to be able to take control over the brain. What you actually do, is to within you, repeat a special mantra in a way that it has an effect on the brain waves. It is very similar to brain entrainment which is very popular these days. You can affect your brain waves in many different ways, optically with light patterns through your eyes, acoustically with sound via your ears, or mentally by just concentrating on a mantra.

Six years ago I stumbled upon Brain Entrainment, the technique where you control the brain waves using audio through a stereo head set, listening to a MP3 file. It was a system put together by the well known IM marketer Stephen Pierce on a recommendation from Mike Filsaime. As you can see, all the IM millionaires are using this. Using brain entrainment is kind of a short cut to control your mind via the brain waves and today I would recommend that method before normal meditation. A combination of the two will really take you to the top.

Quite recently I stumbled on the real deal, the Brain Evolution System, recommended by another IM millionaire, Mark Joyner, who is using this, and he is the founder of a well known and popular self improvement site used by hundreds of thousands during the last five years. The BrainEv system is using the latest technology within brain entrainment making it extra ordinary effective. The technology in combination with the most modern MP3 players and modern stereo headsets make it possible for you to select what kind of mode in which you want your brain to operate.

By using the Brain Ev system right you can easily achieve the following:

  1. Enjoy Sharper, FASTER Thinking!
  2. Master Your EMOTIONS!
  3. DOUBLE Your Ability to Learn!
  4. Think Like a GENIUS!
  5. Dissolve all WORRY!
  6. Drop Your BAD HABITS!
  7. Turbo-Charge Your SOCIAL SKILLS!
  9. Get Into THE ZONE On-Demand!

Get into the zone means, Enjoy the positive “flow” of life… Experience more ENERGY & optimism… Enjoy razor-sharp focus… Meditate deeper than a Zen Monk…

To be 100% honest with you, I must tell you that I am an affiliate for the Brain Ev system and I earn a commission when someone buy it via my affiliate link. Earning a commission was not my primary motivation for writing this article though. Brain Entrainment has played such an important roll in my attempt to stay mentally fit even though I now is 73 years old and it is a pleasure for me to just share this knowledge with you. Brain Ev has a 15 minute long demo MP3, which you can download completely FREE if you follow this link or the link below. Go there and enter your name and email in the form and download the demo file FREE, They follow the regulation for sending emails, so you can opt out of their list when ever you want, immediately if you wish. But download the demo MP3 and listen to it once a day for a week and I guarantee that you will notice great improvement. Everyone else I have proposed to do so have noticed an increase in their well being. When the week is over, you can come back here and write a comment about your experience.


02 Mar

Do you ever use visualization?


In 1973 we started our company. We had an awesome business plan. At that time Information Technology (IT) was new and hot. The large companies needed to by bigger and bigger computers every year. New ways of doing things where invented every day, tasks like accounting, invoicing and payments that required huge staff, could be done faster with very few people due to use of computers. Our business plan was to support the biggest companies, banks and organizations with IT training for the staff now facing new routines.

We signed contracts with these companies to supply them with this training over a period of three years. The contracts could be worths millions if the company we signed up was a really large one. At some very special occasions I signed some very huge contracts. You can imagine the feeling of bringing in several millions to your business by just getting a signature on a piece of paper.

I am retired now, since many years, and these great moments are history, but I tell you this story just to show you how successes in the past can be of great value now in the present. When I have a bad day, maybe our AdSense earnings are a bit lower than we think they should be, I try to remember the feeling of signing one of those contracts. I just take a break, an try to visualize the situation where a huge contract was signed. I try to capture the great feeling I had at the moment. I see the people (board members) around the table. I can hear what we talked about. I can feel the handshakes after signing. This is usually enough to make our earnings increase a few days later.

This always works like a miracle every time, but I can not explain how and why. It may be so that when we recreates the feeling of a great success, we also recreate our ability to do the right things we need to do for having success. What ever the explanation is, the important thing is that it work well, and not only for earnings. You can visualize great occasions like your graduation, wedding or the birth of your children to enter good things into your life.

If you are not doing this, do try it. We all have great moments in our past that we can use to brighten our present situation. Try it and write your success story in the comment area below.


18 Feb

Great web hosts we are using

Great web hosts

We purchased our first web hosting account 1995, so we have sixteen years of experience in this field by now. Right now we have about 150+ sites hosted with four different hosting companies. During the sixteen years we have tested more than fifteen different hosting companies and we know for sure what a good hosting company looks like.

We suppose you are looking for success in your network business, so your hosting environment is very important. If you have a normal hosting account and do not have a special agreement with your hosting company, you are sharing your IP address with many other clients on your host. If they do not behave well you will soon find your self hocked up in a bad environment. During our sixteen years in this business we have been through every problem situation you can imagine in connection with web site hosting.

The hosing companies we are using today are really first class and they do a great job in looking after and keeping their hosing environment free from those nasty clients who can be harmful for your the environment and get your IP address banned. Our present hosts are also very prompt in responding, and very eager to help you when ever you have need for technical or some other kind of support.

The Rolls Royce among hosing accounts.

GVO TITANIUM, This is what we really like, everything you need, to be sure of success in your network business, is included in this. You get all this:

  1. Unlimited Private Labeled Reseller Hosting
  2. Complete Video Marketing System
  3. Unlimited Autoresponder System
  4. Lead Capture and Prospecting System
  5. Full Audio and Video Conferencing Set Up
  6. Web Site Monitoring Software
  7. The Best Coaching and Support in the MLM Online Industry

You get it all for US $50 a month. From time to time they are offering their customers huge discounts for changing to a yearly pay plan. Doing business with these guys, you can really feel that you are an important customer. On all levels you are responded to with deep respect and they are always friendly and happy to help. You can test this FREE in 14 days (He says 30 days in the video). Check it out here!

A link to the Rolls Royce hosting account

TITANIUM is maybe too much for you?

Even people new to this industry need all the features mentioned above, but not so much of everything. GVO have a budget version of TITANIUM, which they call Hostthenprofit. This version will give the newbie or an experienced marketer using less website space, enough facilities for a business only paying US $10 a month. There is always a possibility to upgrade. I mention newbies here because GVO has the best tutorial videos I have seen among hosting companies. All the features are so well described with these videos so you never feel that you get stuck on something. You always easily implement the valuable features you need. They supply extreme value for your money! Check them out here!

A link to the Rolls Royce budget hosting account

Another first class company.

If you just need your own web site and your own WordPress blog, GDI is the right alternative for you. Especially a WordPress blog can be a bit tricky to maintain by yourself if you are not an experienced web master. WP is the most popular blog platform and there are thousands of them on the net. When something is popular it attract a lot of hackers who just love to make your life miserable. If they manage to hack one they can try she same on many others. If you do not set up a WP blog the right way it can be hacked quicker than you thought. GDI have a automatic system which makes it very easy for you to get your blog set up in the right way. They are also very good at keeping an eye on your blog so it will remain safe. GDI is the perfect alternative for someone that want a small site with just a few pages and a blog and do not want to bather wit the technical stuff. You must not forget that with GDI you also get a great domain name along with your hosting for the minimal cost of only US $10 a month. Check them out here.

A link to the other first class hosting account

What about free Hosting?

We have not recommended free hosing due to the reasons mentioned above. Free hosting providers we have experience from earlier, provide hosting in very bad environments so it has not been worth while to go through all the efforts in setting up websites or blogs when it is most likely that search engines would punish our web sites for being in such an environment. Recently we stumbled upon a new hosting company 000webhost that offers both free and paid hosting. We decided to try their free hosting just because they seam to bee a responsible and serious service provider. Their free service is also quite rich in different features we like, as cPanel, MySQL database, PHP script ability and much more. We have used them for a while and so far we are very impressed by their service. They seam to be the free alternative that has been missing so long. You can check them out here.

A link to the FREE alternative

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23 Jan

The Real Truth About Success



Do you know it?

I have been looking for success all my life. During some periods I have been in complete harmony with true success and during other periods I have alienated from it. As soon as I notice that I'm not in harmony, I can&#39t think of anything else than quickly find means to get back straight on course again.

What is the truth about success?

All the great personalities have tried to express this truth. Albert Einstein tried to guide us in the right direction by defining the word insanity; Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The opposite to insanity must lead to true success and is expressed by the smart marketer Ray Higdon in his latest blog post; To get the things you have never had, you have to be willing to do things you have never done. It&#39s the same thing though but expressed with other words. Don&#39t think of other ways to say this now, instead, think of what to do to create your change.

What to do? Can I question my routines?

Of cource you can! That is actually what you should do to create a change. In order to function well we all need a set of routines that will help us get things done every day. Most people have, and are acting according to them. Some people don&#39t have any, and they have a very long way to struggle before the, for them so important change, will take place. The important thing is, that even if you do have your routines and perform them every day, it&#39s not for sure that you have the right routines for great success.

How do I question my routines?

Yes I bet that&#39s what you are saying or thinking right now. To be really successful you need a set of goals. Most people have goals. Some people have dreams instead of goals. In most cases that&#39s the same people that don&#39t have routines. It&#39s not bad to have dreams. On the contrary it&#39s ncesary! But I recommend you to put a compleation date on your dreams and voilá, you now have your set of goals. If you have a bad memory, write your goals, with their time stamp, down on a peace of paper and keep it close to you and within sight every day. Now, when you have your goals, you should always ask yourself the question; What I am doing right now, will it have a substatial effct on the possibilities to reach my most important goal? If it has, great! If not, change that routine so it will take you closer to your most important goal. That&#39s all there is to it.

Isn&#39t this what we call, having our goals in focus?

Yes it is and it&#39s very important. When you get the feeling of loosing sight of your success you should start doing this and question every one of your daily routines, the way I just described. In Sweden, where I live, we have a proverb which says; A beloved child has many names. This questioning has another name, which is; Action. The conclusion is, keep your goals in focus and take action!


19 Jan

Are You Ready For Success?

It's a good question, right?

Are You Ready For SuccessWe at Forsgrens, thought we where ready five years ago but the fact is that we have been ready just about a year now. We could have done it much faster if it wasn't for we started it as a hobby and we wasn't depending on a quick success.

This is how we started.

It was when surfing five years back we noticed that a good friend had started Internet marketing and he was very successful. With a lot of experience from some twenty years with consultancy and software engineering, we thought that if you can set up web sites and write some web site scripts, to start earning on the net would be quite easy. The real world showed us that it's not.

What was missing?

There are a lot of things you need to have in place in order to start. Without these every attempt is bound to fail. Even if you are working hard and persistent in trying all the blueprints offered on Clickbank or other Affiliate networks you are bound to fail if you aren’t ready. Until you have a real network supporting you, you can’t succeed. It’s called network marketing right? Today it’s easy to get a real supporting network. Your tools are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and G+. It’s good to have 10,000+ followers on Twitter and 1,000+ friends on Facebook and it helps even more if you in adition can do something similar on LinkedIn And G+. You also need at least one blog that you update regularly. This is what you need to start and it will take you some six month to get this far. Notice, you can do all this just by having a computer with access to Internet. You haven’t spent a dime in addition to that, to accomplish this.

Now you are ready to start.

At this point it can be good to have a great blueprint to follow when you decide if you will market a product of your own, market someone else’s product, being an affiliate or join a MLM opportunity. When you have decided what way to go and built you websites and blogs, you need tons of web traffic to your sites and blogs. Just building your network, using social media will give yo a lot of traffic. We have more than 10,000 unique visitors a month to our main web site coming just from our network building. Completely free traffic. That’s a good start, but you will need much more in order to make a living from your marketing. There are free alternatives for this as well. If you have come this far you should look at this alternative. It’s a step by step blueprint helping you to build an Ultra-Resourceful Never-Known-to-Fail Stealth Marketing Tactic. We are building that right now and are seeing our web traffic double in a short period of time. It’s a surprise how quickly web traffic can increase if you have a solid marketing platform in place and implement this tactic the right way.

Have you noticed one remarkable thing?

Coming this far, having a basic marketing platform, creating heavy web traffic, 300 to 1,000 unique visitors a day, can be done with very little investment, your computer, your Internet access that you would have anyway and in addition to that hosting as low as US $10 a month. By the way, this is the very best, first hosting you can get, almost everything you need for success is included. Isn’t it remarkable that you can start a home business with practically no investment?

People are complaining, but why?

There are thousands of new Internet marketers on the net every month. Some will never be successful but there are also those that will, so the competition will not decrease, it will increase. Many complain and say that it’s not as easy as it used to be to start a home business online, but that’s not true. Earlier there where less competition but no social networks to help you build a solid marketing platform for free. It is more competition now but there are also more FREE effective tools at your disposal.


20 Nov

Do you have what it takes?

Brainwaves Entrainment

Fortyfive years ago, in the late 1960'th, Many of us where Beatles fans. At first it was the rock band we admired and later John and Paul in their individual careers. Every article and review about these guys where consumed and one thing that was odd and made us curious was that The Beatles in 1967 traveled to Bangor and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, for his Transcendental Meditation retreat. It wasn't just The Beatles that were interested in meditation, it became even more popular and wide spread during the next ten years. This inspired us, me and my at this time young children, to attend to a training seminar on Transcendental Meditation to see what it was all about.

When talking to the now grown up children, it shows that we are still practicing what we learned during that seminar. It has been a habit and a great tool to stay on top of all stress and other disturbances we are facing in our daily life. It gives us the extra energy we need in a tough environment.

When we started to be interested in online marketing five years ago, we came across something called Brainwave Entrainment. This is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

Brainwave entrainment or “brainwave synchronization,” is any practice that aims to cause brainwave frequencies to fall into step with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the intended brain-state (for example, to induce sleep), usually attempted with the use of specialized software. It purportedly depends upon a “frequency following” response on the assumption that the human brain has a tendency to change its dominant EEG frequency towards the frequency of a dominant external stimulus. Such a stimulus is often aural, as in the case of binaural or monaural beats and isochronic tones, or else visual, as with a dreamachine, a combination of the two with a mind machine, or even electromagnetic radiation.

We also found some sources of mp3 files with Brainwave Entrainment sound on to play on a mp3 player and listen to through stereo headphones. We have found the use of these mp3 files very effective. They comes in different types for different purposes. The experts talk about alpha waves, beta waves and theta waves. The different wave types has different impact on your brain and should be used for different effect like improved concentration, decreased muscle tension and faster falling a sleep plus a lot more improvements of your wellbeing. We have used these mp3 files ever since we came across them and are now very dependent on them.

We have been meditating for over thirty years and it has contributed a lot to our success and strong health. Using Brainwave Entrainment for the last five years has tremendously enhanced the effect of our meditating and brought a new dimension to it and also created a strong desire to reach new heights of success and insight. Transcendental Meditation is a technique with a leaning curve and you need a lot of practice. The most important is that you need your personal mantra given to you by an experienced practitioner of this type of meditation. Remember, The Beatles went to Bangor University to see a Yogi for this. Fortunately there is a little short cut. We have seen that people with no experience in meditation can really benefit from the Brainwave Entrainment and almost reach the heights and success as amateur meditators as we are doing.

If you feel stuck in a destructive behavior and you strongly feel that you need some help to turn around and be more successful we recommend you to try this. You may also be successful but have a strong feeling that you could reach new heights more quickly. What ever, Go here and download a totally free mp3 file that you can listened to once a day for a couple of weeks and experience some remarkable improvement.

When you are downloading the mp3 file take a few minutes to read the comments of all others who downloded the file and listened to it. You are also welcome back here and comment below about your experiences of Brainwave Entrainment.

Important, you must listen through stereo headphones, loud speakers does not work!


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