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26 Sep

Would you buy a used car from that guy?

That is a question we use in Swedish when we want to point out that we do not trust a certain person. Trust is a very important factor when we decide upon a purchase. That's the reason people for many thousands of years have been interested to socialize with people they want to make business […]

21 Sep

Is this cheating or brilliant marketing?

Do you remember They showed up almost a year ago and tried to look like a serious big bank or other similar player on the finance market with the intentions to start a payment processor like Paypal. They wanted us to be what they called “early bird members” and take part in several activities […]

18 Sep

Is it important to blog regularly?

We have about 50 web sites we operate. Most of them have blogs. Some blogs we update manually, like this one, and the other are automatically updated. In February this year, 2011, We felt that our web traffic and our earnings was too low compared with what you could expect from the size of our […]

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