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20 Nov

Do you have what it takes?

Fortyfive years ago, in the late 1960'th, Many of us where Beatles fans. At first it was the rock band we admired and later John and Paul in their individual careers. Every article and review about these guys where consumed and one thing that was odd and made us curious was that The Beatles in […]

16 Nov

Are You Enough Social On Facebook?

It’s really a relevant question, Facebook is the #1 social media web site so why shouldn’t you strive to be extra social when you are out there to band yourself and try get lots of friends all over the world. To be social on the world wide arena is very different from being social among […]

10 Nov

Do You Know Who You Are?

Forsgren, my father worked in the same company for over fifty years and it was the only company he worked for. He was promoted several times and when he retired, he was somebody. Forsgren the second which is me, representing my family, have worked for eight companies, during my active period, the last was our […]

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