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31 Jul

Review of Instant MLM Squeeze Pages™ Part 1

Instant MLM Squeeze Pages™ (IMSP) is the latest automated prospecting system from James Grandstaff. It will be available for the public on August 5th 2008 at 12 PM EST.


James has released several prospecting systems over the years.

  • The first one I purchased from James is ”Downline Secrets”, a very good system at the time. This system was hosted on your own hosting account. It took some time to set up and you needed some technical skills to install the script and get it running. That made the system usable for the technical guys and girls mostly. But it had its intelligent twists to ensure that people signed up almost automatically.

  • The second one I purchased from him was ”Downline Secrets 2” , a very much improved system, hosted on James servers and a lot easier to set up. It was a huge improvement compared to the first system and it had very much the same marketing features as the first one.

  • This system, ”Instant MLM Squeeze Pages” is an even more improved version of the other two. Extremely quick and easy to set up, maybe I should reveal to you that I am a retired Systems Developer and have some technical competence. I am quite sure though that any one, familiar with ordinary pc usage, can set this up fairly quick and easy. There are some new very intelligent marketing features in this one described more in detail below.

Purpose of IMSP:

The idea behind the system is to make most out of your sales efforts for as little work as possible with a minimum of lost prospects along the way. The tactic you see most MLMers still use, promoting with the sales page and hoping that one out of 200 will sign up, will soon be history if IMSP shows to be the system James has promised us.

It works like this, note that I tested the Platinum version:

You send as much traffic as you can to a high converting Squeeze Page (Landing Page) to get the prospects name and email address. Why should they give you that? If they do they can download a high quality content eBook, I have read them and they are really that good. Assume they downloaded the eBook, they do in 10% to 45% depending on where the Squeeze Page is used. Now they are in your prospect list on your autoresponder and they are reading your eBook branded with your name and a link to your primary MLM business. In the eBook there are also your affiliate links for IMSP. On your autoresponder you have a sequence of high converting emails to motivate the prospect to sign up in your MLM program. Most people don’t sign up until they have seen the offer 5 to 8 times.

This seams more like a real business approach but James has added a little twist at he end to even make it more professional. Everyone that downloads the eBook have the right to use it as a bribe in their marketing. Your name and links can be exposed to even more people. Now, I think this is most unlikely to happen because no one will do that unless their name and links appear in the eBook and yes that is possible. One of your affiliate links in the eBook takes care of that and now you earn around $10 a month as long as your new customer remains a customer with James. I think this is killing. Every one in your downline will earn residual income almost automatically. Motivating a downline is the #1 problem in MLM downline building. In this system this is taken care of.

James has made three high quality content videos to help in the marketing of the system, you will find them here. They also serve as a great resource to teach the customers of the system all they need to know before they start using it. Then there are even more high quality videos to teach you to set up the system, for instance together with the Aweber autoresponder.


So far we have evaluated the system form a marketer’s point of view and we can see that it is very easy and quick to set up and maintain and that it is put together in a very intelligent way (typical for James) to highly motivate the downline in their efforts. The system has all basic conditions to help ordinary people to market like a professional business man on the web.

This review will continue soon in this blog and we will evaluate the different components of the system and take a look at the two membership models and the pricing.

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