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02 Aug

Review of Instant MLM Squeeze Pages™ Part 2

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Instant MLM Squeeze Pages™ (IMSP) is the latest automated prospecting system from James Grandstaff. It will be available for the public on August 5th 2008 at 12 PM EST.

Membership levels

  • Basic
  • Platinum

I have tested the platinum version and I found the content very professional, useful and valuable.

The main parts in the system

  • Four different squeeze pages one for each eBook. It can be fewer in the basic version. They meet the highest standard professional squeeze pages have today and they convert very well as far as I can see. I don’t want to put any figures in here since I don’t have enough statistical material. I may come back later on in this blog with firm statistical values.

  • Four very well written eBooks, one for each squeeze page. I must say they are real value to the reader and they the serve the purpose of a valuable bribe to get he prospect to sign up and then really feel god about it. They provide great value and build trust.

  • In the back office you will find what you normally find in a good membership back office. There are four steps about to start. Set up your squeeze pages, update your profile, rebrand your eBooks and set up your traffic system. There are two control panels, one for the squeeze pages and one for the traffic exchanges. The traffic exchange control panel is built like a downline builder where you sign up under your upline and your first downline signs up under you. It’s very practical, you have all the links there including your surf link to all 10 traffic exchanges. Of course the back office also includes promotional material if you want to promote IMSP and I’m sure you will. The back office contains high quality videos teaching its usage. These are in addition to the three videos that has served a marketing tool but also serves very well to train new marketers who intend to use the system.


As I have mentioned before, I have used all the systems James has released since Downline Secrets and they all work very well and most important every new system is more easy to use and ads more value to the user for the money spent. In the next part of this review we will take a look at the pricing. I hope that the review of the economic side of IMSP will be a lot easier than this, since figures are figures and they many times talk for them selves. When you make a review like this you want to maintain a distance to the product you are reviewing and also to the developer of the product. In other words you want to give your words the credibility they need to serve as a real review. With James that is difficult. His products are always so good that you just love them and James is the guy that can do anything to make you feel happy with the product. How can you maintain a distance to something like that.

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