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31 Oct

Why do we accept all crap and BS?

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If you just have the right system, advertising or software, you will be successful with your Internet marketing. Do you recognize that BS? The truth is that you need to know what it takes to bee a successful Internet marketer.

First you need to brand yourself as an authority in the business and you need to build your infrastructure for that purpose. That seams almost impossible you may think? Yes it takes some time but it’s not that impossible with the new powerful features offered on the net today.

Twitter is one of those features. One and a half year ago I learned how to use Twitter effectively and build a Twitter profile with more than 20,000 followers in a year, now it has almost 40,000. Did that help? Of course! Our main website used to have 20 to 40 visitors a day and have now around 300 visitors a day. People follow someone they can learn something from, it’s the well known “what’s in it for me” syndrome. First they check how many followers you have and then they check out your posts to see if they are funny, interesting or useful. Many also check out your site if you have a link to it in your profile. It’s from there the traffic increase comes.

Even more powerful is Facebook. It was meant to be just a social arena where you could meet new friends and exchange views on just about everything. It is indeed, but with the extremely powerful features, like: The Newsfeed, The Wall, Groups and Fan Pages, it can also work as an excellent platform for Internet marketing if you know how to take full advantage of it. Quite recently I realised the enormous powerful marketing Facebook offers, and I also realised, far too late, that the ideal way to get tons of friends in Facebook is through Twitter. When a Twitter user follows you, you just automatically send a direct message with your Facebook link and suggest that they connect with you. I have found that about 10% of my new followers do that. Facebook will suspect you as a spammer if you request friendship with people you don’t know. That means that invitations is the best tactic to get friends and Twitter is specially good for that purpose.

Finally you need your own web site to direct all generated traffic to. Many of the gurus trying to sell you sure fire systems for Internet marketing, tell you that you don’t need a web site. That’s more BS! If you take time and efforts to generate tons of website traffic, make sure that you direct that traffic to something YOU own and YOU control.

If you don’t have your own website, you should get one and if you don’t know how to create a website I will send you information about how you will get a FREE lifetime membership in my site where you will find video tutorials on every thing you need to know including how to create and upload websites, master Twitter and Facebook and much more. The only catch is that you use one of my links below when you sign up.

There are two great Web Hosts I recommend for this. A great low cost alternative if you are on a very tight budget. Another alternative if you have a budget that lets you invest a lot in this. Sign up to one of those alternatives. As soon as you have signed up, I will get to know it and I will send you information for your FREE life time membership.

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