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24 Dec

A new payment processor

Are there any people around that haven’t used PayPal, the #1 payment processor on the Internet? I don’t think so. They are operating in a very lucrative niche and are making big money. Isn’t it time they get some serious competition? They have some competition from AlertPay but not serious as I know.

There is a new company trying hard to get into the market just now. They have been active for some month now and they expect to open to the public when they have two to five million members. They estimate to have that number during February 2011. They now have just over 100,000 what they call early bird members and the number is growing exponentially.

The method they use to break into the market is to let you and me do the job and they pay us for it. You can sign up as an early bird member totally free and then you can perform some simple daily and weekly activities, like vote or participate in surveys. It takes you 15 to 20 minutes a day. They give you $25 in your balance just for signing up. They pay you some small amounts for every activity you perform, but they ad up quickly. You can also promote your affiliate link and earn $10 for every free sign-up you bring in. It’s so easy to bring them in.

I have been a free early bird member for 41 hours and this is my history so far.

You will not be a millionaire by doing this but I think it’s quite easy to make about $200 a day and I think that if you can allocate a lot of effort into this, use your imagination and be creative it’s possible to earn even more. It could even be a second paycheck.

Good Luck!

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