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02 Jan

A Lottery where you can win big and not have to pay anything


If you belong to my Facebook friends or my Twitter followers, you have seen a lot of cryptic posts or tweets about my balance and how it increases each day. If you want the story from the beginning, you can go here. It will open in another window. Don’t forget to come back here.

PayBox is a new payment processor and I think it will be a direct competitor to PayPal. They are not public yet, they say that they need 2 to 5 million members to do that. In order to get to that number they need to spread the word widely over the net and that is where you and I come into the picture.

It seams that there is a big bank behind this because they pay us generously for a lot of activities needed to collect members and all the information they need to get started.

When you sign up free, you get a start balance of $25 just for signing up. They add $10 to your balance for every new member you recruit and they add smaller amounts for the daily activities you perform, like voting for merchants. They use Goolgle Maps where you can search for merchants like eBay, Dell and Apple or what ever you prefer so that they can sign contracts with them in order to prepare for their launch. Here you have a chance to influence their selection of merchants you can buy from through PayBox. They will have a debit card attached to PayBox as well and they want you to vote on about 500 card designs, so they know which ones are most popular. There is a daily survey you can take. I suspect that it is there only to remind you of all the other activities. There is some more like reading their blog. If you do all the activities, except recruiting new members, every day you can add $20 to your balance.

You may have noticed that I use the wording, add to you balance, and not paid. As far as I understand they will not pay you this balance but if they succeed to go public with this you can use your balance to buy things from the merchants they have started to cooperate with. That also explains my head line for this article. I think that’s fair enough. If we can do a good job bringing in members they will be able to go public and we will benefit. If we don’t do our job well and they can not go public, we will not be able to use our balance. It is also in our control how long time it takes for them to go public.

When I was new to this, about a week ago, they had a bit more than 100,000 early bird members as they call us. Some days ago I read in their blog that they had 240,000 early bird members. The number is increasing exponentially and they expect to reach a comfortable amount for going public around end of March to beginning of April 2011. If you join now and make a good job, your balance can be thousands of $$$ at that time. My balance is right now $767 my history, the image you saw in my previous post, now consists of 121 transactions and is to long to show here. This is a very good training project for newbies in IM marketing.

Go here and sign up FREE!




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