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25 Jan

Is a scam?

I have asked me that question ever since I stumbled on it the first time back in October 2010. I have read a lot of posts in the forums about it. Most of them have stated is a scam and others have tried to argue and find arguments showing that they are probably not a scam. Some have even begged: please don’t be a scam. I would say I don’t care because I have had something to build, which I like and it gave me some worth while experience, and I have had the opportunity to investigate it which have been interesting and it hasn’t cost me a dime other than some time spent. My time isn’t so valuable, I’m retired.

For some time I leaned in the same direction that the ones who argued and thought that they could be a big organization trying to see if there is a chance to compete with guys like PayPal. They had a concept for entering into the market that could have been put together by a serious player. Lately though I have seen things that makes me suspicious. They plan to build an army of affiliates to help them to reach 2 to 5 million users, and that seams OK but the idea that these affiliates have to be trained now, through training programs thatPayBox suggest is alarming. Why don’t use already trained and successful affiliates. They exist and why is it mandatory to buy a course that PayBox earn affiliate commission on to be accepted as an affiliate. It smells scam all the way.

When they introduced these ideas a week ago I started to think and my doubt grew when they reviled the training courses they recommended. It wasn’t the ones I would have selected.

Yesterday, when they recommended Free Mass Traffic as a great tool to newbie’s, a software I think they use in the second choice recommended training course I thought I hade to find out what’s going on.

I checked the sales video for the product and then I checked a lot of reviews of it. The product that is described in the video as very easy to set up, just a few clicks, and it has nothing to do with black hat tactics, is actually 2 pieces of software containing three submitters; a directory submitter, a RSS submitter and a social bookmarking site submitter.

This is how one of the review sites describe the product:

The first software is basically a submitter, which submits your site to several social bookmarking sites; RSS feed directories and other directories. You can use decaptcher, which will automatically solve the captcha code with no problem. This software also allows proxies and very easy to use. The second software should be used in conjunction with the first one. This program will boost overall profit of the system.

In the video they say that you can purchase Free Mass Traffic for a low price and there would be no additional cost. Above in the review they say that you can use decaptcher. To use decaptcher cost extra money so the video isn’t correct telling the price. They also say in the video that it follow white hat tactics. Captcha code is used to prevent software to use services like social bookmarking sites. I consider using decaptcher to fool those sites is black hat tactics. The review also says: This software also allows proxies. Why do you want to use a proxy? To hide your IP address when you perform black hat tactics, right? The sales video is really misleading.

This product marketing is a great example of unethical marketing and I just have to mention the experience to leave that sales page. Go here, it opens in a new window, and try to close the window! How many clicks?

All this unethical marketing and hyped up sales video made me very disappointed about the recommendation from PayBox. I expected more professionalism. I will recommend all my downline members in PayBox not to buy any of the recommended products they call first choice and second choice. If you already have, you can still get a refund via ClickBank. The products are not totally disasters, they work to some extent, but they won’t give you the success described in the sales videos.

What will I do? I don’t see any harm in staying with PayBox, login every day, try to increase my balance and look active. I may even post about them here again soon. I’m so eager to see what will happen to my balance.

If you haven’t yet and want to checkout PayBox, you can join here, its free.

Above in this post I said that the recommended training courses weren’t the ones I would have recommended. You may now be curious to know what I should have recommended. Take a look at this video and you will see the hottest Internet marketing training is right now. You can also check out these free recorded webinars from the same source, great stuff.


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