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03 Feb

PayBox again

In my last post here about PayBox, I came to the conclusion that it’s not a bank entering the market in order to compete with PayPal. That means my PayBox balance, now around $2,000 according to the stats in my PayBox account, is worth nothing. I calculated with that possibility already when I signed up.

Why did I actually sign up?

At that time back in December 2010, I wasn’t sure. I had my doubts, it could be a real attempt to start a payment processor but now it doesn’t look like that any more. When I decided to join, I was interested to see what this was and the only thing I gave away was an email address. So far they haven’t tried to sell anything via email.

What are they up to?

It seams like they are trying to look like a serious player starting a payment processor but are doing all this in order to create a lot of traffic to their site in order to earn big affiliate commissions selling crappy Internet marketing training. What I reacted on in my last post was that they didn’t recommend the hot modern products. They are recommending old not so updated hyped up products, that work, but by no means not as well as promised in their sales letters.

Why am I still logging in every day to keep my account active?

I am curious to see how far they can take this. How will it end and what will happen? I may even buy one of these products to qualify for being an affiliate. I will then go for Blogging to the Bank 2011 which is the most decent product of the ones they recommend. They try to sell it for $37 but I noticed that if you click away from the sales page, you will be offered a $10 discount. It can be worth $27 to find out what’s going to happen here. If you like me want to find out how far this can go and what these guys have up in their sleeves for coming moves, you can join here if you haven’t already.

Now you may wonder what I mean with hot modern IM training?

It’s this! Chris is a great guy, if you do what he teaches, you just have to succeed. You can actually try a lot of his videos and webinars free before you decide to go for his membership. I specilally recommend his free webinars!, awesome stuff. If you try his free stuff I’m sure you will like his approach as much as I do. Good luck!


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