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21 Jan


Olov ForsgrenHi, my name is Olov Forsgren and I am a retired Systems Developer. Most of my life I have been working in my own company, Olov Forsgren Consulting AB. You can check out more about me by clicking here.

Ever since I retired myself back in 2002, I have been trying to find something to do without having someone to buy my services, like in the consultant business. I also wanted to find something where I could benefit from my programming skills and over all computer knowledge from my job as a consultant in systems development.

About two years ago I started to look at Web Marketing. I can say I have been through all common faces and tried all the different aspects of Web Marketing. I have even been struggling, trying to build huge downlines in opportunity programs. It’s most recently I have had some success like recruiting more than 500 people to an opportunity in about two month or managed to set up and drive traffic to over 70 AdSense sites. You can check out one of my sites by clicking here. Here you can check out all my AdSense sites and also check out some of the resources I use.

The reason for starting this Blog is to share with you the actions that have taken me forward towards my goal of earning money on the Internet and maybe also warn you about the scams and unproductive systems that didn’t take me anywhere. So why don’t you bookmark this Blog so that you can come back and share all good stuff and avoid all the scams out there.

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