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23 Jan

The Real Truth About Success



Do you know it?

I have been looking for success all my life. During some periods I have been in complete harmony with true success and during other periods I have alienated from it. As soon as I notice that I'm not in harmony, I can&#39t think of anything else than quickly find means to get back straight on course again.

What is the truth about success?

All the great personalities have tried to express this truth. Albert Einstein tried to guide us in the right direction by defining the word insanity; Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The opposite to insanity must lead to true success and is expressed by the smart marketer Ray Higdon in his latest blog post; To get the things you have never had, you have to be willing to do things you have never done. It&#39s the same thing though but expressed with other words. Don&#39t think of other ways to say this now, instead, think of what to do to create your change.

What to do? Can I question my routines?

Of cource you can! That is actually what you should do to create a change. In order to function well we all need a set of routines that will help us get things done every day. Most people have, and are acting according to them. Some people don&#39t have any, and they have a very long way to struggle before the, for them so important change, will take place. The important thing is, that even if you do have your routines and perform them every day, it&#39s not for sure that you have the right routines for great success.

How do I question my routines?

Yes I bet that&#39s what you are saying or thinking right now. To be really successful you need a set of goals. Most people have goals. Some people have dreams instead of goals. In most cases that&#39s the same people that don&#39t have routines. It&#39s not bad to have dreams. On the contrary it&#39s ncesary! But I recommend you to put a compleation date on your dreams and voilá, you now have your set of goals. If you have a bad memory, write your goals, with their time stamp, down on a peace of paper and keep it close to you and within sight every day. Now, when you have your goals, you should always ask yourself the question; What I am doing right now, will it have a substatial effct on the possibilities to reach my most important goal? If it has, great! If not, change that routine so it will take you closer to your most important goal. That&#39s all there is to it.

Isn&#39t this what we call, having our goals in focus?

Yes it is and it&#39s very important. When you get the feeling of loosing sight of your success you should start doing this and question every one of your daily routines, the way I just described. In Sweden, where I live, we have a proverb which says; A beloved child has many names. This questioning has another name, which is; Action. The conclusion is, keep your goals in focus and take action!


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