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18 Feb

Great web hosts we are using

Great web hosts

We purchased our first web hosting account 1995, so we have sixteen years of experience in this field by now. Right now we have about 150+ sites hosted with four different hosting companies. During the sixteen years we have tested more than fifteen different hosting companies and we know for sure what a good hosting company looks like.

We suppose you are looking for success in your network business, so your hosting environment is very important. If you have a normal hosting account and do not have a special agreement with your hosting company, you are sharing your IP address with many other clients on your host. If they do not behave well you will soon find your self hocked up in a bad environment. During our sixteen years in this business we have been through every problem situation you can imagine in connection with web site hosting.

The hosing companies we are using today are really first class and they do a great job in looking after and keeping their hosing environment free from those nasty clients who can be harmful for your the environment and get your IP address banned. Our present hosts are also very prompt in responding, and very eager to help you when ever you have need for technical or some other kind of support.

The Rolls Royce among hosing accounts.

GVO TITANIUM, This is what we really like, everything you need, to be sure of success in your network business, is included in this. You get all this:

  1. Unlimited Private Labeled Reseller Hosting
  2. Complete Video Marketing System
  3. Unlimited Autoresponder System
  4. Lead Capture and Prospecting System
  5. Full Audio and Video Conferencing Set Up
  6. Web Site Monitoring Software
  7. The Best Coaching and Support in the MLM Online Industry

You get it all for US $50 a month. From time to time they are offering their customers huge discounts for changing to a yearly pay plan. Doing business with these guys, you can really feel that you are an important customer. On all levels you are responded to with deep respect and they are always friendly and happy to help. You can test this FREE in 14 days (He says 30 days in the video). Check it out here!

A link to the Rolls Royce hosting account

TITANIUM is maybe too much for you?

Even people new to this industry need all the features mentioned above, but not so much of everything. GVO have a budget version of TITANIUM, which they call Hostthenprofit. This version will give the newbie or an experienced marketer using less website space, enough facilities for a business only paying US $10 a month. There is always a possibility to upgrade. I mention newbies here because GVO has the best tutorial videos I have seen among hosting companies. All the features are so well described with these videos so you never feel that you get stuck on something. You always easily implement the valuable features you need. They supply extreme value for your money! Check them out here!

A link to the Rolls Royce budget hosting account

Another first class company.

If you just need your own web site and your own WordPress blog, GDI is the right alternative for you. Especially a WordPress blog can be a bit tricky to maintain by yourself if you are not an experienced web master. WP is the most popular blog platform and there are thousands of them on the net. When something is popular it attract a lot of hackers who just love to make your life miserable. If they manage to hack one they can try she same on many others. If you do not set up a WP blog the right way it can be hacked quicker than you thought. GDI have a automatic system which makes it very easy for you to get your blog set up in the right way. They are also very good at keeping an eye on your blog so it will remain safe. GDI is the perfect alternative for someone that want a small site with just a few pages and a blog and do not want to bather wit the technical stuff. You must not forget that with GDI you also get a great domain name along with your hosting for the minimal cost of only US $10 a month. Check them out here.

A link to the other first class hosting account

What about free Hosting?

We have not recommended free hosing due to the reasons mentioned above. Free hosting providers we have experience from earlier, provide hosting in very bad environments so it has not been worth while to go through all the efforts in setting up websites or blogs when it is most likely that search engines would punish our web sites for being in such an environment. Recently we stumbled upon a new hosting company 000webhost that offers both free and paid hosting. We decided to try their free hosting just because they seam to bee a responsible and serious service provider. Their free service is also quite rich in different features we like, as cPanel, MySQL database, PHP script ability and much more. We have used them for a while and so far we are very impressed by their service. They seam to be the free alternative that has been missing so long. You can check them out here.

A link to the FREE alternative

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