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02 Mar

Do you ever use visualization?


In 1973 we started our company. We had an awesome business plan. At that time Information Technology (IT) was new and hot. The large companies needed to by bigger and bigger computers every year. New ways of doing things where invented every day, tasks like accounting, invoicing and payments that required huge staff, could be done faster with very few people due to use of computers. Our business plan was to support the biggest companies, banks and organizations with IT training for the staff now facing new routines.

We signed contracts with these companies to supply them with this training over a period of three years. The contracts could be worths millions if the company we signed up was a really large one. At some very special occasions I signed some very huge contracts. You can imagine the feeling of bringing in several millions to your business by just getting a signature on a piece of paper.

I am retired now, since many years, and these great moments are history, but I tell you this story just to show you how successes in the past can be of great value now in the present. When I have a bad day, maybe our AdSense earnings are a bit lower than we think they should be, I try to remember the feeling of signing one of those contracts. I just take a break, an try to visualize the situation where a huge contract was signed. I try to capture the great feeling I had at the moment. I see the people (board members) around the table. I can hear what we talked about. I can feel the handshakes after signing. This is usually enough to make our earnings increase a few days later.

This always works like a miracle every time, but I can not explain how and why. It may be so that when we recreates the feeling of a great success, we also recreate our ability to do the right things we need to do for having success. What ever the explanation is, the important thing is that it work well, and not only for earnings. You can visualize great occasions like your graduation, wedding or the birth of your children to enter good things into your life.

If you are not doing this, do try it. We all have great moments in our past that we can use to brighten our present situation. Try it and write your success story in the comment area below.


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