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17 Mar

Do you have full control?

Brain Evolution

It is not what happens to you, that determines your future. It is how you handle what happens. This truth is reviled by Jim Rohn in a youtube video he released a couple of years ago. This means that when something happens to you, you must be prepared to deal with it right away, which in turn means that you do not have all the time in the world to figure out what to do. You need to figure it out before it is too late to act.

When I started my career, this was a little problem. Sometimes I could not figure out how to handle what happened to me before the next thing happened and so on. I eventually realized that I had to take control over my brain.

This was back in the 1960’th and at that time Transcendental Meditation was very popular among those who wanted to improve themselves. To be really honest I thought it could be another hoax, but I decided to try it and got a qualified teacher who gave me a mantra, I learned it and have practiced it ever since. It was not cheap to learn TM back then, but when I now look back, I have to admit that this was one of the best investments I made for my well being and my career.

In TM it takes a lot of practice and learning to be able to take control over the brain. What you actually do, is to within you, repeat a special mantra in a way that it has an effect on the brain waves. It is very similar to brain entrainment which is very popular these days. You can affect your brain waves in many different ways, optically with light patterns through your eyes, acoustically with sound via your ears, or mentally by just concentrating on a mantra.

Six years ago I stumbled upon Brain Entrainment, the technique where you control the brain waves using audio through a stereo head set, listening to a MP3 file. It was a system put together by the well known IM marketer Stephen Pierce on a recommendation from Mike Filsaime. As you can see, all the IM millionaires are using this. Using brain entrainment is kind of a short cut to control your mind via the brain waves and today I would recommend that method before normal meditation. A combination of the two will really take you to the top.

Quite recently I stumbled on the real deal, the Brain Evolution System, recommended by another IM millionaire, Mark Joyner, who is using this, and he is the founder of a well known and popular self improvement site used by hundreds of thousands during the last five years. The BrainEv system is using the latest technology within brain entrainment making it extra ordinary effective. The technology in combination with the most modern MP3 players and modern stereo headsets make it possible for you to select what kind of mode in which you want your brain to operate.

By using the Brain Ev system right you can easily achieve the following:

  1. Enjoy Sharper, FASTER Thinking!
  2. Master Your EMOTIONS!
  3. DOUBLE Your Ability to Learn!
  4. Think Like a GENIUS!
  5. Dissolve all WORRY!
  6. Drop Your BAD HABITS!
  7. Turbo-Charge Your SOCIAL SKILLS!
  9. Get Into THE ZONE On-Demand!

Get into the zone means, Enjoy the positive “flow” of life… Experience more ENERGY & optimism… Enjoy razor-sharp focus… Meditate deeper than a Zen Monk…

To be 100% honest with you, I must tell you that I am an affiliate for the Brain Ev system and I earn a commission when someone buy it via my affiliate link. Earning a commission was not my primary motivation for writing this article though. Brain Entrainment has played such an important roll in my attempt to stay mentally fit even though I now is 73 years old and it is a pleasure for me to just share this knowledge with you. Brain Ev has a 15 minute long demo MP3, which you can download completely FREE if you follow this link or the link below. Go there and enter your name and email in the form and download the demo file FREE, They follow the regulation for sending emails, so you can opt out of their list when ever you want, immediately if you wish. But download the demo MP3 and listen to it once a day for a week and I guarantee that you will notice great improvement. Everyone else I have proposed to do so have noticed an increase in their well being. When the week is over, you can come back here and write a comment about your experience.


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