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27 May

Why do so many try network marketing without a strong network?


Most of the network marketing experts I know about, claim that of all newbies that decide to try network marketing of any kind, just a few percent are successful and can eventually make a living out of it. The exact figure varies from expert to expert but they are all below 5% and most of them closer to the 1%.

The reason for this is that when people start as network marketers, they listen to other marketers, who are not there to help them but rather to earn money on their ignorance. If you listen to these so called gurus, you will hear that network marketing is so easy, that anyone can do it. Many claim that their children and old grandmother earn six figure incomes by doing it. There is no web site or blog needed, not even skills are needed. If you can read your emails, you can do it.

If you look upon how business has been done for thousands of years and still is, you will understand that saying this is easy, is a big lye. Thousands of years ago people had to meet in order to do business. Through these meetings they developed relations and got to know each other. Wen you develop a good relation you are also creating friendship, liking and trust. Now you do not have to travel and visit people to develop these relations. You do it through social media. I am now talking about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. There are many other really good ones but those mentioned here are the most common ones and they are free to use.

Research done in this field show that most people want to feel safe when doing business. Thats the reason it took some time to convince people to buy their stuff on the net. They want to buy from someone, person or company, they know, like and trust. Knowing that you can clearly see that good relationships still are needed for doing business. Building your network for doing business, is nowadays as important as it was a couple of thousands years ago. That will never change. We will always be concerned about who we give our money to.

We at Forsgrens have mainly used Twitter and Facebook to build our network. On Twitter we have more than 60,000 followers today and in Facebook we have more than 1,000 friends. When googling the name Olov Forsgren on, which the search engine we reach here from Sweden, seven of the ten first results are about Olov Forsgren at When branding a name like that, with very simple means, using Twitter, Facebook, a few web sites and a few blogs, make the name well known in many places on the net.

Your network does not have to be very big, but there is a critical mass of people with a good relation to you, you will need around you in order to feed your business. I think that the calculation varies from business to business. If you consider that at every offer you make, less than 10%, in most cases probably only a few percent of the prospective customers are ready to buy your offer. From that you get an idea of the numbers we are talking about here. And remember, do not try to do any network marketing until you have your network properly in place.

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