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04 Jun

Branding your name is easy

Branding your name

Yes, branding your name all over the world has never been so easy as it is now and you can do it free if you want. Why should I brand my name you may ask… There can be many reasons for that. You have something you think is very important to share and you want your words about it spread around the world, is a good reason. If you just lost your job due to the present economic turmoil and want to try Internet Marketing, is another good reason. In those and many other situations, a huge network of people around you, is what you need.

If you read our last blog post before this one, You know why a huge network is, and always has been, necessary in business. Before Internet, a huge investment was needed to get you a network of some size, which reduced the possibilities for everyone get themselves a sizable network. You needed to advertise or buy huge mailing lists and then send out huge mailings in order to reach prospective customers. All this at a substantial cost. Successful business is not possible without an enough quantity of prospective customers.

What is a prospective customer? It is someone who has seen you or your company around for a while, know that you are a decent person or company and trust you. Prospective customers and customers are the network around you that make business possible.

Earlier you had to raise all the money to cover the cost for building your business network before you started, which was a big risk to take. Today you can, with the help of social media, start building a huge network, without spending any extra money. The social media I am talking about here, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest, are all free to use. You can start building when ever you want without risking any money, you just need your computer and an Internet access.

There is only one little catch, and it is here the majority of new marketers go wrong. The process of building your network must be separated from marketing and selling. If you go wrong here you will never succeed and all your efforts are in vain. We will dig deeper into this in the next post.

Building a network is all about attracting other peoples attention, and make them interested in what you are doing. If they like what you are doing they may even like you. When they like you, they are your friend. After being your friend for a while, they trust you. This is what happens to those who are successful on Twitter, Facebook, LikedIn and Google+, just to mention a few. By doing this right you can be known, liked and trusted by thousands of people all around the world. You have a huge network right?

There are many other advantages with your social network than just being known, liked and trusted. When your friends are interacting with you and you with them, their friends can see that and may be interested in what you are up to. We say that social networks are viral. If you post something that is popular it is spread like a virus over the network. Thousands of people notice your post, get interested in what you are doing, check out your profile, where you have links to your sites and blogs. Free, targeted web traffic is generated.

Another important advantage is the links back to your profile. All posts, comments or shares, you make in a social network contains a link back to your profile. Google notices that and considers your profile more relevant than others for the key word wich can be your name. If you google olov forsgren in Sweden, there are 62,000 hits. Of the ten first hits, seven, #1 – #4 and #8 – #10 are social network profiles for Olov Forsgren. We have googled in US, GB, Australia, India and China, via proxy servers, and all over there are great results.

You can, with the help of social media build a substantial network as a strong base for your business in tree to six month with out any investment other than the time you maybe spend there anyway. The network will be an important part of your business infrastructure which is a valuable asset in your business.


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