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31 Oct

What Is Holding You Back?

What Is Holding You Back

It is all the myth’s about online marketing!

  • You don’t need a web site or blog to make money with this.
  • If you can copy and paste, you can earn truck loads of money with this.
  • My 80 year old grandma earn money with this, you can too.
  • It’s so easy, even monkeys can do this.
  • Just push a button to release an avalanche of free web traffic.

Have you seen statements like the ones above before? Yes me too, and they will continue to be used in the marking of so called loopholes you can take advantage of, in order to earn money over night, without any prerequisites, knowledge or prior experience at all.

Every day lots of smart systems, blueprints or strategies about earning vast amounts of money, are launched using the above statements, to sell to newbie online marketers or those who have tried every thing and failed.

Most of those products are flat out scam, and have no value what so ever, but there are also among them some great products that really work, which are also completely worthless for the buyers, who have been charmed by the bold statements and purchased them for no use.

The great products I mentioned above, work well for an experienced marketer with a well functioning marketing platform in place. Knowledge is needed, but that make the target market for the product too small. They need to reach out to more people. So in order to broaden the market they put together some templates or example campaigns, the buyer can use to get started. And then they sell it to beginners with the arguments mentioned above.

You buy the product, use the templates or ready made campaigns, get something going. You may even earn a little money and get very exited. After a while you are stuck. You were not the only one who bought the product and got started with starter kit, so now is the effect of those templates and campaigns worn out, and it doesn’t work any longer. Now you need the knowledge, prerequisites and experience you don’t have to be able to continue. So what do you do? You put the product in the old book shell you have in your garage and start looking for the next miracle product.

Brand yourself and build a strong network using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Start a blog and get your word out. Creating a strong business platform that way, does not seem attractive to most of the new marketers out there. Although it’s much easier than chasing the miracle, push one button, strategy which doesn’t exist.

The few, who realize the advantage of really start from the beginning and build the required business platform, are really fortunate:

  1. It has never before been so easy to do it, Internet with so man possibilities.
  2. It has never before been cheaper to do it. Can be done on a micro budget. Social media are free.
  3. It has never before been possible to do it so fast. With the help of social media and lots of free tools.

The best advice is, stay away from all dreams of making money over night with a minimum of efforts and without knowledge and experience. Realize that you must start from the beginning, learn a new profession. It isn’t rocket science, but it is more to it than copy and paste.


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