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16 Nov

Are You Enough Social On Facebook?

Facebook Friends

It’s really a relevant question, Facebook is the #1 social media web site so why shouldn’t you strive to be extra social when you are out there to band yourself and try get lots of friends all over the world. To be social on the world wide arena is very different from being social among your closest friends.

What you post is really essential, but maybe we should start with what you shouldn’t post. To be successful you need to stay away from some certain areas like religion, politics and adult stuff. You mustn’t swear or use other bad words.

What should you post about then? It must be something people find interesting and something that can create some buzz. Fun stuff is great some times. Valuable tips and great news are other popular content. Think about the six buzz triggers:

  1. The taboo
  2. the unusual
  3. the outrageous
  4. The hilarious
  5. The remarkable
  6. The secrets

We recommend though that you exclude taboo and outrageous and keep them away together with religion and the other stuff to avoid. If you can show something unusual, hilarious, remarkable or reveal a secret, it’s always popular.

Your post, or sometimes called status, can be text, link, photo, audio or video. Your goal with your post is that your friends like, comment or share it. You decide who will be seeing your posts. For branding purpose you will want as many as possible to see them so you will probably make them either public or available for friends and friends friends.

When we talk about who will see your posts, we are touching the important stuff you need to know and practice. Facebook takes your posts, you post on your wall and show them in your friends and your subscribers news feed but not in the order you posted them. Assume that your friends and subscribers are very popular and have thousands of friends. In order to present their news feed with relevant content, Facebook must rank the posts and show the most interesting and relevant first and the least ranked maybe not at all, so if your posts are low ranked very few of your friends and subscribers see them. It’s not only dependent of the quality of your post even though that is an important factor. It’s very much dependent of your interaction with you friends. The posts are ranked with an algorithm, Facebook call Edge Rank.

There are a lot of speculation around how Edge Rank algorithm is designed. Facebook try to keep this as a secret. By noticing how posts are shown in the different Facebook members news feeds one can at least make a qualified guess. The quality of the content must be one factor to decide if the post is interesting and relevant for a user. Facebook can collect information about what content you like and decide that similar content is interesting and relevant for you. The other obvious high weight factor Facebook use to rate if a post should be shown to you is how you and the poster have interacted recently. To have a high score in this factor you must interact frequently with your friends. To share their posts give you a higher score than if you just comment on their post. You receive the lowest score if you just like your friends posts.

In a coming post here on this blog I will explain the Edge Rank algorithm more in detail, at least what is known about it.

As you can see it is important what you post and how you react on your friends posts. Videos seam to rank high and photos a little less. I’m not sure about audios and links but I think they rank higher than plain text. If you like some thing your friends post, don’t just click the like button, the best you can do is to share the post. Why not do that, if it’s really good it will benefit your relation to your other friends as well. At least take a minute or two to figure out a nice comment. Structure you own posts so that they invite to conversations. Questions are very good. This also goes for comments.

If you are brand new to Facebook it can at first be tough to figure out what to post about and what to write in your posts and comments. Find some funny photos on the net or some funny or remarkable videos on YouTube to post and keep your eyes open for what other people do. Every little thing you do give you experience, and sooner than you thought, you will feel comfortable in your new role as a Facebook expert.


10 Nov

Do You Know Who You Are?

nice to have friends

Forsgren, my father worked in the same company for over fifty years and it was the only company he worked for. He was promoted several times and when he retired, he was somebody.

Forsgren the second which is me, representing my family, have worked for eight companies, during my active period, the last was our own. What I’m aiming at here is that we these days have to change career maybe several times during our lifetime.

Every time you start a new career, You have a ton of things you need to learn and get used to. That can make you feel like you are nobody while all others that have more experience than you are somebody. Do you recognize this? The scenario is very common in the net marketing business.

If you are nobody it doesn’t matter if you do everything right. You have everything in place, lets assume you have purchased your business platform, you do everything according to the book but you just started. People don’t notice you, it’s like you try to do your thing in another world separated from the rest of us. If you on the other hand had build your business platform your self, which takes time, you will during that time be around and people notice that you are about to be somebody and you will be expected to have some success because you now really are somebody. That happened to Forsgrens when we started five years ago. We was nobody for three years. Then we decided to be somebody.

Before Internet it was very hard and very expensive to be somebody. It could also take several years to be it. Today with Internet and all social media around, it isn’t hard at all and it can be done in three to six month. Thats positive because it’s a necessary process to go through.

We have some difficulties to pinpoint when you go from nobody to somebody but we think it’s when you have 10,000+ followers on Twitter, 1,500+ friends on Facebook, at least one blog that you update regularly and you are active in LinkedIn and a few other social networks. This is the business platform you need to be successful in online business today. It is of course very important that you post the right tweets, right updates on Facebook and fairly okay blogposts but if you have reached the point we visualized above, you do that.

Today Forsgrens have 50,000+ followers on Twitter, 1,100+ friends on Facebook, three blogs we update regularly and we are also active in a few other social networks. Every time we post something that creates a little buzz in these networks, we can see more web traffic to our websites and blogs and we get a bunch of new followers, friends and contacts in our social networks. Just by being active in these networks creates a steady stream of web traffic and income.

Our advice to all newbies in Internet marketing is; don’t try to sell or market anything on the net, until you have your business platform in place and you have branded your self so that you are somebody. There is an unwritten law in business that people want to do business with those they know, like and trust and they don’t know, like and trust everybody. This law has been in effect many thousands of years and it is still as valid as ever.

If you have done your branding to somebody right, enough people know you, like you and trust you, so you will be ready to do good business easily.

I almost forgot the best part in this; you will have a lot of wonderful people as your friends all over the world. A fantastic bonus you don’t want to be without!


30 Oct

Are You Using "Welcome" As Your Password?


In the evening news on Swedish TV they have for several days covered the story about some hackers, obtaining login information for hundreds of thousand of people. It’s not enough that they stole the information, they uploaded it to websites where every one could get access to them.

This leads us to reflect on two things.

  • 1.The one responsible for security at the hacked web sites where the information was found, should as soon as possible try to get a new job.
  • 2.When you look at the kind of login information those affected users had come up with, you just shake your heads.

    Doesn’t people understand the responsibility they have to own a computer connected to Internet and to own an account on a web site on the same net.

    If we forget about the web master who is now out of job, hopefully, the user aspects remain. I have a friend who is a hacker expert, not a hacker himself, but he knows all about what they are doing. He told me that he recently used a hacker script that checks for open ports available on the net. And there are still thousands of Internet users who surf without a firewall with all their ports wide open for anyone to connect to their computer.

    When we saw what login information was stolen, there was just one thing to do, we shake our heads again. The user name is many times their first name and the password is the name of their pet. Login information like that need not to be stolen, it can be cracked in a few minutes by an experienced hacker. If you then take into consideration that the user in question is using the same user name and password in all their accounts on the net, you will get the complete picture of this problem.

    How can a hacker crack a simple password in a few seconds or minutes?

    On the net there are today free access to very sophisticated software that can use several computers so that they get access to several processors in order to perform millions of calculations per second to crack even strong passwords. Thats how they do it. You remember that my friend found thousands of computers wide open to any hacker to use and they use them.

    There are more aspects to this.

    The hackers don’t only use these wide open resources to crack user names and passwords, They also use them to store files they don’t want to store on their own computers. From a legal perspective every computer owner connected to the net is responsible for the content stored on his/her computer. It’s not only the risk of being hacked and have vital information stolen, it’s also the risk of being accused of having illegal material like hacker software or pornographic material including children that is the type of stuff the hackers use to store on your computer when it is hacked.

    Imagine you have been hacked, vital information stolen and then even lost money due to the stolen information and as this was not enough you are accused of having illegal content on your computer. You must know, it’s not a question of who placed it there, it’s always a question of who is hosting it. If you haven’t a newly updated fire wall and you belong to those having your first name as user name and your pet’s name as password and if that’s not enough you have the same user name and password in all your accounts, can you afford this situation? Probably not.

    What to do?

    We update our operating systems and fire walls often and we often use alphanumeric eight character user names and strongest possible passwords, often sixteen character, alphanumeric combined with characters like #¤%&£$€, passwords and all, both passwords and user names are unique for each account. In addition to that we change them often. We have been hacked and decided not to be that again what ever it will take.

    You can’t do all this without the help of a smart software. We use RoboForm which is the best on the market today. Learn more about it here, if you are not using it already. You can use it free for a whole month and than it is an almost ridiculously low yearly fee to continue. You can’t afford to bee without it.


    23 Oct

    Do You Want To Be Successful In Network Marketing?

    The Internet growth is increasing all the time. We haven’t seen the peek yet. There are thousands of new Internet users starting their Internet presence every month. Pretty quick they will be aware of that a lot of people have found quite good economic income opportunities online. With the upcoming economic crises in mind, which make an increasing amount of people loosing their jobs and facing a an insecure future, we may assume that the new Internet generation soon will be interested in taking their part of online income opportunities.

    Are you one of the new to the Internet who want to start an online marketing career?

    What advice can we give you in order to get you a quick start and give you a chance to become an online marketer a lot easier than we did five to ten years ago. Remember, it’s a bit more competition around now than it was wen we started.

    First we must make you aware that there are a lot of people out there who just want your money. They will tell you that it’s so easy to make money online, you don’t need a web site and no experience or skills what so ever. Their system is fully automated and you just need to push a button to flood your bank account with money. When you see this, and you will see it a lot, don’t believe in it. There is no such system. You don’t believe in fairies either, do you?

    The next important thing to keep in mind, is that if you want someone to buy something from you, you shouldn’t tell them to buy. All of us act in very much the same way when we are buying from some one. We want to buy form someone we know, like and trust. It has always been like that. Pushing is something we hate and it really turns us off. When I first came in contact with MLM back in 1985, people started with family and friends. Then they got stuck. At that time, families wasn’t as big as they was hundred years earlier and it wasn’t common to have thousands of friends. Today the situation is much better in that respect. Social media have made it possible to have thousands of friends so my strongest advice to you is: Don’t try to sell anything until you have enough good friends around you, who will buy from you because they know you, like you and trust you. They will buy from you without you pushing them. Pushing is the most devastating thing to do in selling.

    Assume this is your very first tutorial in online sales strategies, what did you learn?

    Don’t believe in fairies! On line marketing isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t easy either. There are certain things you need to know and you need to work hard to get you a marketing platform, thousands of good friends that you don’t have to push to buy from you. It’s called Attraction Marketing. If you have what people really want to have and you are a great high quality friend, they will come to you and tell you they want to buy it from you.

    There is one more thing you need to know at this stage. There are now so many marketers out there who want you to buy their stuff so if you are going to investigate all of their offers, you will never start you own business. Turn off the noise from all big product launches and concentrate on building your own marketing platform, one thousand friends in Facebook for instance. At least you should devote 75% of your online time strictly to that. Do this on a daily basis. Each day 75% of what you do online, should take you closer to your first goal; Having a reasonable marketing platform in place before you start marketing.


    17 Oct

    How Is Your Word Press Blog?

    How is your Word Press blog?

    We really like the Word Press Blog platform. It’s free and flexible. There are thousands of themes and plugins, all free of charge. It’s quite easy to install and update. Most c-panel based hosts offers Fantastico, a tool which among other valuable programs automatically install a Word Press Blog for you with the My Sql database in place, ready to use.

    As you can see there are a lot of good news associated with Word Press, but there are also some bad news. If something is really good, a lot of people use it, it becomes popular. Word Press is popular, there are many thousand W P blogs out there. Not all are well looked after, updated and supplied with the right plugins. Those are very interesting for hackers to use to get access to your hosting account and do a lot of nasty things in there.

    We have many W P blogs and we have used them for many years. Now we are approaching the embarrassing part, we recently became aware of having a few W P blogs not well looked after and not well updated and yes, they where hacked. We where forced to start reading everything about this and learn how to clean the blogs and how to protect them in the future.

    Before we dig into leaks in different W P files, you should be aware of the risk for a brute-force attack on your blog or even your hosting account if you have a crappy pass word. You can go here to learn how to always have strong passwords. As default W P offers unlimited login attempts. That can make it possible for an experienced hacker to brute-force attack your blog even if you have a strong password. It will take time and cost a lot of resources and is not so common but it is possible. Fortunately there are a solution to that with the free limit-login-attempts.1.6.2 W P plugin.

    To be safe from attacks through leaks in W P files, clean your blog from all old not used W P themes and old not used plugins. Also make sure you always update your blog to the latest version. With this, exploit-scanner.1.0.5 plugin, you can scan your blog frequently and be aware of weaknesses and safety leaks. You should also make sure that it’s not possible to browse through the W P directories that has no index file. If you find that possible, some c-pannel interfaces allow you to control that or you can ad a code in your .htaccess file in your public_html directory or your blog root directory.

    This is what we have done to secure our W P blogs. I’m sure there are a lot more you can do. If you have some advice on that please leave a comment below. You may select this post by clicking the head line and scroll down to the comment area. You are also welcome to comment if you have questions about this.

    Why do we want to go through all tis you may ask? Well to have your own W P blog on your own domain and have full control, is the best blog platform you can create for your business or hobby. If you are new to domains, web sites and blogs, you can easily get all of it here for US $10.00 a month. You will have the good news without the bad news. Learn more here.



    08 Oct

    Gurus, can they be wrong?

    Yes, we have seen that many times. When we started with online marketing about five years ago, we thought that what we learned about marketing back in the seventieth and eightieth last century, was outdated and wrong now in the twenty-first century.

    In online marketing the gurus taught us to make a killer presentation and then follow up with a strong call to action. Our experience is that this is not always right. On the contrary, we can remember that we many times have seen excellent sales letters, where we read a killer presentation which got us convinced to click on the buy button. We just waited because there was more and then the sales letter started to push us to take action quickly, just what we wanted in the first place, but when we was told to hurry up because they were not sure they wanted to sell the product or service at all an if we hesitated we might be left without it, we wasn’t that positive any longer. Many times this negative sales talk can go on with ridiculous arguments and really turn you off.

    Examples of ridiculous arguments are: It will not cost you $500, not even $200, $100 would be a steal but we will charge you only $9.99. How stupid do they think we are?

    Back in the seventieth, we leaned to make killer presentations and then keep quiet until the prospect purchased the product or service. It is a lot of psychology behind that. Very normal behavior among us human beings are that when we have expressed an opinion, we tend to be prepared to defend that opinion by all means. The killer presentation should be designed to get the prospect to express a positive opinion about the product or service, and wen that happens the sales person just keep silent. When the sales person refuse to say anything, the prospect start to be a little uncertain, but as we said earlier, the prospects normal behavior is to defend his/her opinion and the best way to do that is to buy the product or service. This worked like charm, and I think it will today as well.

    When you have made a killer presentation in a sales letter, just show a buy button. If your killer presentation was designed to create a positive opinion about your offer, your prospective customer will just click the buy button. If you try to push him/hear the sale will in most cases be lost.


    03 Oct

    Are you efficient enough in your Social Media Marketing?

    Today most people know what Social Media Marketing is but not all know how to make it easier and more efficient.

    The most important part of your Social Media Marketing platform is at least one blog. It’s very important that you post unique and relevant content often and regularly to your blog, so that your readers know when to return for new and interesting bog posts.

    We have found that many marketers find it difficult to figure out something interesting to write about when they need a new blog post. It often takes a lot of research to find interesting suff. This has been very time consuming until we found this valuable tool: Instant Article Wizard. If you haven’t heard of it before, you can learn about it in this video:

    As you learned in the video, IAW will do all the blog post research work for you in no time at all, compared with the time and efforts you have to put into it doing it manually. It doesn’t even stop there, it will if you want, automatically write your article as was demonstrated in the video.

    The man behind this incredible application is a very competent software engineer and marketer, Jonathan Leger. He is a search engine and back link expert, we have followed for years. As you probably know, we at Forsgrens have our background in this industry as well and know very well that this high quality product is unique in the article market right now. There is nothing we have seen that can compete with IAW.

    Following the IAW link below, you can test the application seven days for US$ 7.00 and if you want to keep it you pay US$ 77.00 per year to use it. To update your blog twice a week, you need 104 articles a year, and if you use IAW to make them, they will cost you less than a dollar each. With IAW you can write an article in 15 minutes that would have taken you 45 minutes or more to write manually. Less than a dollar will save you half an hour each time.

    Go here to learn more about IAW and how
    it can radically change the way you create articles.

    Then next revolutionary article tool we use is The Best Spinner.

    If you take you time to produce an article for updating your blog, you may as well want to use it to send to article directories in order to get back links to your blog, right? The problem is that in order to get the search engines to index those articles they have to appear as unique content and they don’t if you already posted it to your blog. The Best Spinner is an application that you can use to easily rewrite your article and create multiple unique instances of it. If you haven’t heard about it before you can learn about it in this video, a little old but good. You will find newer videos when you follow the link below:

    If you watched The Best Spinner video, you now understand that it’s not an ordinary content spinner. It’s actually more of an advanced tool to use in order to make the most of your efforts to write articles.

    The Best Spinner is also created by Jonathan Leger, who created IAW we mentioned above. In this application he has made a very intelligent access for the synonym data base. All the thousands of The Best Spinner users are using the same synonym database and the access application learns new word, sentence and phrase synonyms every time the data base is used. Now the data base consists of more than a million synonyms of all kinds and its growing. Not only word synonyms like most of the spinners out there. It contains synonyms for words and sentences as well as synonyms for whole phrases.

    As you can understand ,the output from The Best Spinner has far more quality than the output from ordinary spinners that just have a fixed database with 30,000 to 40,000 word synonyms. We are using it and get 10 to 50 amazing articles out of each and every on we write.

    The ordinary price of The Best Spinner is US$ 7.00 for a 7 day test period and then US$ 77.00 per year. Right now and until Friday 7th of October 2011, you can get an introductory price of US$ 47.00 per year, no est period. You have though a 30 day money back guarantee.

    Go here to learn more about
    how to get most out of your articles.


    26 Sep

    Would you buy a used car from that guy?

    That is a question we use in Swedish when we want to point out that we do not trust a certain person. Trust is a very important factor when we decide upon a purchase. That's the reason people for many thousands of years have been interested to socialize with people they want to make business with. To close a deal over a delicious meal or a drink has been normal for over 1,000 years and still is. If you can enjoy a good meal or a drink together you have shown each other that you are trustworthy and a person one can like and make business with. One of us.

    The problem in online business is that you many times are supposed to make business with people you cant easily meet with. If I, sitting here in Sweden have a product I offer on a web page, my prospective customer may be in US, so it’s not so convenient to get together for a drink to find out if we like each other enough to make business together. The unwritten laws that govern trade are still in effect, in order to buy something and feel safe we need to know the person in question, like him and trust him. The keywords for making good business is know, like and trust. We use to say that you brand yourself, your product or your company.

    The modern way to brand yourself for instance is to use social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google plus, just to mention a few. Using social media, you can make friends all over the world. It’s easy, fast and cheap or should I say cost effective to use a better word. Imagine how expensive and time consuming branding was before Internet, and how easy and fast it is now. It doesn’t cost any extra than your computer and your Internet access. Those you may need anyway. All you do is sign up free with the social media companies I mentioned, figure out a method to quickly get thousands of friends, followers or contacts, what ever they call them. Then you communicate with them in a way so that they notice you and think you supply valuable content to the discussion and that’s all. You are than well known, liked and maybe even trusted by thousands of friends around the world.

    People that easy become friends on social media share a common interest. They like the same jokes, the same videos, films, books, hobbies or even work. Some have a common interest in their children or grand children. People with the same interests can exchange experiences, ask questions and give advice. Typical for social activities are to be there for help and support. Some people try to reach out to others by taking place and be kind of loud about what they want to say. That doesn’t work. In order to be liked you must forget about yourself, your own needs and instead try to listen to your friends and figure out their needs. If you are successful in this, you will eventually find that your friends start to ask you about your needs. When you have reached this stage you are liked and trusted. If enough people like you and you are well known all over the world as a great person, you have been successful with your branding.

    A proper branding is essential for any business success and you shouldn’t try to sell a used car or anything else until you have done this.

    Please leave a comment below and tell us how you do your branding. At least I think that you can criticize us for telling you a lot about what to do and very little about how to do it.

    21 Sep

    Is this cheating or brilliant marketing?

    Do you remember They showed up almost a year ago and tried to look like a serious big bank or other similar player on the finance market with the intentions to start a payment processor like Paypal.

    They wanted us to be what they called “early bird members” and take part in several activities like answer surveys, vote on credit card designs and vote on what companies should be allowed to offer their products on If you signed up as a free early bird member and performed these tasks, you could earn a balance of virtual $ that increased pretty fast. They even indicated that the virtual $ could be as valuable as the US $.

    We decided to sign up to see what this was all about. It was very easy to log in every day and increase the balance of virtual $$. And it was extremely easy to recruit new “early bird members” into this. We recruited more than 200 people into this before we got very suspicious about the company.

    This was the first blog post we made about this, it opens in a new window. It was really easy to recruit new members and we wrote this blog postafter a while.

    Now they wanted to convert their early bird members into affiliates and it was now we started to realize that this wasn’t what we thought it was. Yo will understand if you read this blog post we posted at that time. We now decided that this was some kind of scam and we stopped to recruit people into and posted this on one of our blogs.

    We are now in the middle of September 2011, more than half a year after my last blog post about Ever since our last blog post we have, out of pure curiosity, been logging in almost once a day and our virtual $ balance is now $7,284.36. During this time a lot of things have happened. They have changed their name to Virtapay and they have created a kind of market place where the members have been able to sell to, and buy stuff from each others using their balance of vitrtual $$. We haven’t been able to really understand the reason for this trade of mostly crappy products and very strange services and we havent been into it very much. We have stayed with them just to see where they are going.

    A few weeks ago they started something they call the Ad Sharing program. They have had Ads for the most popular Clicbank products on the site for some time and we think they have made significant earnings from them. We also think that they have had a lot of problems getting new sign-ups after the fuzz about scam six month ago. They had at that time around 100,000 members and there are indications showing that they have just about the same amount now and are in need for more. That is probably the reason for the Ad Sharing program. If you buy a Clickbank product from the site that they earn commission on, you have qualified for the Ad Sharing program and you can start to build your own AdSharing Network by recruiting new members into Virtapay. People in your network will see your affiliate link for for the Clickbank products 50% of the time. The way they describe the program in videos and ebooks looks very interesting but the big problem is that of the most popular Clickbank products, the vast majority is crap one want to stay away from.

    We must say that the plan they present in a video and an ebbok is really interesting and we recommend you to sign up free to read it but don’t buy any of their crappy products. When you are active on their site you quicly earn a substantial balance of virtual $$, you can use in many ways within their planed activity. You can for instance build a huge prospect list or sell your own products. Our balance of 7,000+ virtual $$ could help us build a huge list. Go and check this out just to see an interesting twist of online markeing, weather it’s scam or brilliant marketing.

    We will stay a little while with Virtapay to see if we can pick the goodies out of the cake and avoid being involved in their crappy Clickbank products.


    18 Sep

    Is it important to blog regularly?

    Regular BloggerWe have about 50 web sites we operate. Most of them have blogs. Some blogs we update manually, like this one, and the other are automatically updated.

    In February this year, 2011, We felt that our web traffic and our earnings was too low compared with what you could expect from the size of our operation. When we tried to figure out what to do about the situation we found that we had been to busy building sites and to expand our social network for some time. We decided to fix all our blogs and also blog more frequently. Especially in the manually updated ones.

    In the middle of May we noticed that the traffic from search engines was four times bigger than what it was in January and the earnings had increased in the same way. We was amazed by these results and they stayed at that level in June. At the end of June we started with a huge project to fix the roof of our house and we had some problems with a few hosting accounts that took a lot of our time. In July and August we didn’t update any of our manually updated blogs and we could see web traffic and earnings drastically decrease. August had just above half of the traffic and earnings of what June had.

    From this we have learned that the way you blog is very important and as you can see above, traffic and earnings are affected almost immediately. We think it’s not only important that you blog, its very important what you blog and how you blog. If you don’t have a blog, go and get you one as soon as possible and start learning blogging.

    What do we mean with regular blogging. A successful blog with a lot of traffic have a lot of people coming back because they are curious about the next post. If they find that the post they have seen for some time, still is the last post they might lose interest in that particular blog and quit coming back. It’s not so important that you post very often, several times a day or every day as some blogers do. The important thing is that the readers can learn when it’s time to come back. We think that weekly posting can work well and even posting every second week can do as long as the readers know when to expect a new post.

    If you do this well, supply unique relevant and interesting content on a regular basis, you have found a kind of web traffic throttle, you can use to flood your site or blog with free organic targeted web traffic when ever you wish.


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