Use Facebook to build good business relations with your prospective customers

Your Facebook account is the most important part of your business plattform or as we also call it, your business infrastructure. Facebook has all the important properties needed to become the backbone in your business infrastructure.

It's a well known fact that when people are buying something they are very much guided by eomotions. Most people will not admit that but its a fact that is proved by a lot of marketing research. People want to feel safe in a buying situation, therefore they prefers to buy from someone they know, like or trust. Ever since we started to make business with each others many thousands years back in history, we have always known that it is important to build a good business relationship with people you want to make business with.

This is the reason why social media has become the most effective platform for online marketing. Today we use social media marketing more than for instance email marketing. It's more natural to start to build a relationship before you start to promote services or products in social media marketing than in email marketing. It's more common to see proposals in the very first contact in email marketing than in social media marketing.

One of the reasons Facebook is the best social media for business is of course that they have so many active members. They will soon reach 600 million active members. If Facebook was a country, it would be the third most populated country in the world! I think though that the most important reason Facebook is the best platform is the way it's built. It's built to be viral as we say. That means it's easy to create a buzz about something, and spread that information quickly over the world. That has made Facebook very important in politics as well as we have seen recently. And that is of course natural since politics really is selling ideas about how the society should be.

From this it's an easy conclusion to draw that in order to be successful in online business you nedd to start building a business infrastructure around Facebook.

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