Use Twitter to get around the problem of jeopardizing your Facebook account

It is actually your Facebook account you want to build, why do you have to build a Twitter profile? The reason is that in Facebook you just cant approach people you don't know and send them a friend request. Facebook consider that as Spam and they can suspend your account if someone complains about you as a spammer. In order to be successful in marketing you need more Facebook friends then the ones you know. You can get around that problem with the help of Twitter.

In Twitter you can follow anyone and that's okay. But in order to get it to work you need them to follow you back as well. If you brand yourself in the right way, which this is a part of, you will see that many of the ones you follow will follow you back.

Many Twitter users have their profile set up so that they automatically follow someone who followed them. You should do that too. When you do that you should also arrange so a welcome direct message (DM) is automatically sent to the one following you. In that DM you invite the follower to be your Facebook friend. You can also invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn.

I hope you can see the tactic here, instead of approaching people you don't know and put your Facebook account at risk, you follow them on Twitter and invite them to be your Facebook friend. The Twitter profile, Facebook account, LinledIn account and blog or web site, which I call the business infrastructure, is your business asset, which you should protect and not yeperdize. A Twitter profile with 10,000+ followers and a Facebook account with 1000+ friends can together very well be worth some US$10,000.

Twitter is important in a few other aspects as well. When people decide if they shall follow you, they probably check your profile, and if you have a link to your site, they may as well check it out. You can also make your tweets in such a way that they increase traffic to your site.

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