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How to get people to tweet about your website or blog

How to increase open rate at your AWeber account

How to learn online marketing

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How to understand Social Media

How to aviod getting your Twitter Profile suspended

How to build a marketing infrastructur

Welcome to Forsgrens.

Olov Forsgren Hello, I am Olov Forsgren and I am into network marketing. It started several years ago when I was retired and needed an excuse for using my computer and do some programming, which I have been doing almost half of my life as a software engineer. Up to recently I have mostly been studying what the established marketers do to succeed and what all the others do not to succeed. By doing that I have learned the following.

  1. It is called network marketing, right. Which means it can not be done without a network. People do business with those they know, like and trust. A very old truth. Learn more here.
  2. A strong network was earlier hard and expensive to develop. Not anymore. With the help of Social Media it has become easy and inexpensive. Learn more here.
  3. Using Social media, you must follow certain social media ethics. Yes there is an ethic code. Learn more here.
  4. Get rid of all the myths some marketers want you to believe in, just to be able to market to you more easily. Learn more here.
  5. Implementing #1 to #4 will give you the proper marketing platform for success. Will be added soon.
  6. With the marketing platform in place, you need people to see it. You need web traffic to your website or blog. Most of all you want free targeted traffic and there are plenty of it out there. Will be added soon.
  7. Do not forget that your marketing platform is a valuable asset, maybe worth thousands of $'s. Will be added soon.

If you find this interesting, enter your name and your best email in the form at the upper left corner of this page so you can find out what we have learned during the last five years. Doing this, you will also experience a cool twist on list building. We will in a way pay you for signing up.

Are you interested in FREE, organic, and targeted web traffic?

I bet you are! The best way to get it is via a number of automatically updated blogs (auto blogs). These blogs get tons of new fresh and unique content daily from a huge article directory. The big news is, now you can set it all up completely FREE! Learn more here...

Do you know about this?

There is a site that launched a bit more than a year ago. They are building a member base of 2 million+ with the help of us. You join completely FREE and they pay you with their own currency, called VP $ for just logging in and test their services. You can earn up to VP $100 a day. Learn more here...

Skilled people are always interesting, and they can help you.

When you see them in action, you may think that it's impossible for you to do something similar. Remember then that they learned what they are doing in small steps, each one so easy that you also can learn it quickly. They where persistent and kept going through all steps. That's where most people fail, but it isn't difficult either if you are stubborn enough.

Go Here And Get Inspired and find out what I mean when I say, they can help you.

Using Social Media Right Is The Key To Internet Marketing Success

We have doubled the free targeted traffic to this and our other sites by finding the right way to use Social Media.


Twitter60,000+  following   us can not be wrong!  

Click the image to follow us!

This is the easiest part of our infrastructure to build. You can make it almost automatic and it will help you to build the other two parts.

Learn more...


Facebook1,200+    beeing our friends can not be so wrong!      

Click the image to become our friend!

This is the important part of our system. If you build it right it can go viral and drive tons of free targetes traffic to your sites.

Learn more...


LinkedInHaven't   built this like the other's    as we should.  

Click the image to connect with us!

The reason we should is that we have found that Google value the back-links very high, which can boost our page rank.

Learn more...

Another key is your blog

You need at least one blog. Your blog is actually an important part of yur Social Infrastructure. Google love blogs and links back from your blog to your web site are links that create a lot of web traffic. At the moment we have three blogs we are posting to manually.

Main blog

Main BlogClick the image to the right for our main blog!

MLM blog

MLM BlogClick the image to the right for our mlm blog!

GDI blog

GDI BlogClick the image to the right for our GDI blog!


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