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My name is Olov Forsgren and I am the web master here at Forsgrens Web Marketing Links. I have been working in our own company from 1974 to 2010 when I decided to be retired 100%.Now I'm doing this only as a hobby.

Since I have been I business almost four decades, I thought I knew every thing there is to know about advertising. But when I joined Leads Leap I found that I had a lot to learn not only about advertising but also in general online marketing.

If you are active on the Internet and not have even a free account with Leads Leap I urge you to get one here. With a free account you have access to most of the very advanced marketing tools available and and they can teach you all you need to know about advertising.

Below you can see the menu in my Leads Leap account with every marketing tool aveilable. I have a pro account but free accounts have access to all important tools.

Leads Leap

General: Earn money and credits on the Dashboard. The blog is a fantastic place to learn not only about advertising. If you take time to penetrate it you will learn a lot about marketing. My Click & Credit Stats show your activities.

Advertise: As a free member you can use your credits to advertise. While you are earning you can bookmark interesting ads for later use. You can view them here.

Tools, Link Tracker: You have access to all tools as a free user, and they are stunning. The Link Tracker can compete with the most expensive ones.

Tools, SendSteed Listmanager: A real Autoresponder you can use even as a free member. There are no limits. A trmendous value for free!

Tools, PopupXpert Opt-in Forms: This is really a great tool if You have your own website or blog. Great for list forms and to inform about cookies to the europien visitors. You also have access to a cookie generator if you would to start exploring the use of cookies.

Social Review: This is very good to use to get more referrals in your favorite opportunities and a excellent tool to brand yourself, which is something that should be a part of everything you are doing.

Money: This offers you an outstanding presentation of how successful your hard work has been. If you use these extremely valuable tools every day for a month or two, you will for sure benefit greatly of becomming a pro member and every month withdraw substancial amounts.

Learn: The Insider Advertising Report is what I call a manual for successful Advertising. I have read it several times. The other ebook makes it possible for you to set up a system that brings you at least one sign up a day.

Go here and sign up free!


Olov Forsgren is a retired software engineer with lifelong experience in marketing. He has been active on Internet since 1995. His hobby is Sudoku solving, Web Development, Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing.