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Do you want to make a change?


A couple of years ago I stumbled over a cryptocurrency project a few Australian guys presented on Internet and I read their whitepaper. They had put a great work into it but I thought it wold be almost impossible to realize it.

Just recently I saw a website called Bitcoin Black Cash and thought it was some kind of scam. After I have seen them pop up several times in different places on the net I decided to sign up. You can sign up free and earn coin to a value of US $ 36. The website looked professional and I got my 3,600 Bitcoin Black (BBC) just for signing up. On the website I could download their official whitepaper which I read and remembered the one I mentioned above. This one looked very much the same. This says that those who stared BBC are some Australian guys who started a few years ago.

Honestly I think it's the same project only a few years later. And they have done a tremendous job. They seem to have the technical platform, (Blockchain) in place, they have a professional website since a couple of weeks and they have already 163,700 subscribers. They have really done a great job.

Don't think that this is risk free just because the people behind it seams to be okay and the plan (whitepaper) looks great. A lot more of things have to fall into place before this project is a success. A bigg risk I can see is that they don't manage to put it all together. Another even bigger risk is that authorities decide this kind of currency is not legal. Governments don't like that their national currency gets competition.

On the other hand, if you don't take risks now and then you will see no change. This could be your chance to make that change. To judge from what I have experienced in this project there is no risk to sign up and collect the US $ 36 value in BBC they may increase in value. I had some Satochis earned while I evaluated a few Bitcoin Faucets that I can pot at risk so I got 1 miljon BBC for a US $ 100 value. If you aren't prepared to take a risk, right?

If you are interested in a change, sign up free below collect the 3,600 BBC and read the official whitepaper. You may then be on your way to a real change.

Go here and learn more.


Olov Forsgren is a retired software engineer with lifelong experience in marketing. He has been active on Internet since 1995. His hobby is sudoku solving, web development, social media marketing and inbound marketing.