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A few weeks ago I stumbled over a website, https://bitcoinblack.cash that seamed interesting. I signed up and started to follow them. Downloaded their White-paper, a quite impressing document, I thought I recognized it from a few years back. They made huge claims of great achievements of Alexa rankings that was easy to verify.

I checked Trustpilot and Scamadviser and got the impression that they knew very little about the site which I found a bit promising.

A free service Check Pagerank, makes quite a good domain check for a web site you want to know about and they confirmed that https://bitcoinblack.cash had obtained a ranking well under 40,000 in about a month. Quite an impressive achievement so I signed up as a member and started to follow them. You can read more about that here, opens in a new tab.

After a few weeks of following their emails I found that their email communication didn't make sense to me. They superficially described the need for all the technical efforts and the huge organization needed to achieve the tough goals set in the White-paper. In my opinion was that what most of their communication should deal with. Instead most of the email communication was geared at promotion for the premature sails of the bbc coins. I got the impression that their main goal was to sell as many coins as possible in shortest possible time. Kind of a red flag.

When the Information wasn't what I expected, I continued to find evidence for the legitimacy of the web site. Instead I stumbled over another very similar website, https://bitcoin.black, using the same White-paper and very much the same way of promotion.

If not both are scam, so must at least one of them be a real fraud. Today I checked Trustpilot and Scamadviser again and found that people start to be very suspicious about https://bitcoinblack.cash At the time I'm very suspicious about both of them and will investigate further so if you are interested in this come back a little later or subscribe to our newsletter up to the right to get an email when new articles arrive here.


Olov Forsgren is a retired software engineer with lifelong experience in marketing. He has been active on Internet since 1995. His hobby is sudoku solving, web development, social media marketing and inbound marketing.